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Black and White photography simplifies the content of the subject, the light and shade defining the character of the shot and excludes any concern for the colour that may or may not have been in the shot. Your concentration has less distraction and consequently the essence of the photo is defined more by what is left after colour has gone, for me if highlights the emotion, the graphic dimensions an the composition.

Black and White wedding photography is elegant, timeless and romantic. It reminds of us of all the classic Black and White films we’ve seen that instantly add an air of nostalgia to the shots. If Black and White wedding photography is your thing and you’re looking for a wedding photographer then get in touch and if you want it all in colour, don’t worry you can have both as I’m happy in either medium.

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Black & White Wedding
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You may have noticed, from checking out my site, that I really like black and white wedding photography, I believe there a few reasons for this. I feel that black and white really compliments documentary wedding photography as there’s this gritty realness to black and white that goes hand in hand with the documentary style. 

When I began studying photography at college we would use Ilford black and white film, the process of ripping open the cardboard boxes, popping the plastic lid and loading the film into the camera. The tactile feel of the camera, the clicking noise and feel when selecting apertures, the roll of the lens as you focussed, the click of the exposure and then motion of the thumb as you wound on. Then in the dark room, the smells, the subtle red lamp, the solitude and magic of an image appearing before your eyes. All this was black and white and black and white photography for me is also a memory of that.

Having seen Martyn’s work and how good it was we decided to take the plunge and give One True Love the contract to photograph our wedding. Martyn approached the task in a professional manner from day 1. He was attentive in asking what our requirements were for the day and supportive at all times up until the big day. Martyn stared first thing in the morning until the early hours of the following day. As you can see Martyn has a great style and captures everything in different forms. Nothing was too much trouble on the day and he was well received by all the guests. Martyn was able to provide the photo’s in good time after the wedding, and we received our photos on a USB drive in a lovely keepsake package, very nice! You will not be disappointed. Thanks again Martyn!

Booking now for Summer 2020

Are you getting married next year? I’m now taking bookings for 2020 so take a look at my Pricing page via the button below and please don’t hesitate to get in-touch to enquiry about my Wedding Photography services.

You have so much to think about on your wedding day so hiring me as your documentary wedding photographer means one less thing to worry about, you can relax and just enjoy your day, safe in the knowledge that all those important moments are being captured.

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